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What is the Communication Research Registry?

The Communication Research Registry is a Northwestern University project that supports and promotes research on human communication and associated disorders. It is managed by the Department of Linguistics and the Roxelyn and Richard Pepper Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Several research laboratories are involved in this effort, including the Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Laboratory, the Hearing and Language Laboratory, the Speech Physiology Laboratory, the Auditory Research Laboratory, the Sound Laboratory, and the Speech Communication Research Group. Additional support comes from the Center for Audiology, Speech, Language, and Learning and the Biomedical Informatics Group.

What Does the Registry Do?

The Communication Research Registry staff maintains a database of individuals and families who want to be informed about research opportunities at Northwestern University. The Registry provides an efficient and confidential way to identify and contact eligible participants about studies and inform members about the latest advancements in research.

Who Can Join the Registry?

In a word, everyone! The Communication Research Registry includes adult individuals and families with children who are interested in participating in research studies. We collect basic demographic information, as well as additional screeners for clinical population, to help best match participants to studies.

How Can You Help the Communication Research Registry?

Sharing information about the Communication Research Registry with your patients, clients, or students is a great way to support research. We will be happy to send you brochures so that you can display them in your office, waiting area, or classroom. Individuals can explore the Communication Research Registry and contact us at their convenience.

What Types of Research Do Registry Collaborators Do?

Northwestern University has research laboratories that study a range of populations, including individuals with hearing loss, autism spectrum disorder, aphasia, learning impairments, as well as other disorders involving hearing, speech, and language. Many research laboratories also seek individuals with normal hearing, language, and cognition.

How are Rights and Privacy Maintained?

Privacy is critical and to maintain it the Communication Research Registry Core adheres to strict federal, state, and university regulations to safeguard individual rights and privacy. Research participation is always voluntary; Registry members are never obligated to participate in either the Registry screening or studies.

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