For Developers

Communication Research Registry Software

The code that runs our registry is available on our GitHub site under the GPL v3 license. While our code is open to all, we cannot commit to providing technical support. An installer is not included in this distribution and a complete set up of this system requires a high level of technical proficiency and software development experience.

All software requirements are listed in detail on GitHub. It is strongly recommended that a programmer or developer proficient in the Ruby programming language be consulted if you wish to set up a standalone version of this registry. For those less familiar with software development, the following is a simplified list of the components that make up our registry database and web application.

Ruby (
Programming language

Rails (
A framework that provides the scaffolding for creating a large database driven web application

PostGreSQL (
The database management system

LDAP Authentication
This is the authentication system used for logging in and out of the web application and allowing (or preventing) certain actions based on the role of the user (admins, researchers etc…). Note that LDAP is implementation is site specific. Please contact your IT department for details.